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 Version Released!
    Published on 2014-12-23 by Eric Thiebaut-George
This version tweaks the tray icon but most importantly fixes the Windows XP compatibility!
 Version Released!
    Published on 2014-12-10 by Eric Thiebaut-George
This new version supports the move from FastMail.FM to
 Version Released!
    Published on 2012-01-15 by Eric Thiebaut
This version implements the new security API exposed by FastMail.FM
 Version Released!
    Published on 2010-12-13 by Eric Thiebaut
This version lets you chose between the three different FastMail.FM Web UIs (normal, beta, old)
 Version Released!
    Published on 2010-05-02 by Eric Thiebaut
This version has a new light blue default theme and solves crashes on certain computers.
 Version released!
    Published on 2009-11-29 by Eric Thiebaut
A lot of new features and improvements... Download it here!
 Version released!
    Published on 2008-02-13 by Eric Thiebaut
This version fixes an issue related to high folder numbers. Download it here!
 Version released!
    Published on 2005-04-20 by Eric Thiebaut
This version fixes a major bandwidth bug. Download it here!
 Version released!
    Published on 2004-12-31 by Eric Thiebaut
Check out this new version! Download it here! Eric
 First FastCheck review!
    Published on 2004-02-27 by Eric Thiebaut
FastCheck has now officially its first independent review! Check here! Eric
 Version 2.0 released!
    Published on 2004-02-24 by Eric Thiebaut
This new version has quite a few new goodies. Download it here! Eric
 Web site updated!
    Published on 2004-01-30 by Eric Thiebaut
As you have probably noticed, I have updated the web site, especially the home and download pages. Eric
 Version 1.9 released!
    Published on 2004-01-29 by Eric Thiebaut
This new version fixes a few bugs present in the previous versions and should now properly download your FastMail folders. Download it here! Eric
 Version 1.5 released!
    Published on 2003-09-01 by Eric Thiebaut
I have released a new version to extend the expiry date and fix the FastMail IP address. Download it here! Eric
 Version 1.3 released!
    Published on 2002-10-20 by Eric Thiebaut
I have released a new version, which adds a few features. Read this first and download it! Eric
 New Beta version released!
    Published on 2002-08-31 by Eric Thiebaut
I have released a new version, which adds a few features. Read this first and download it! Eric
 FastCheck down for 1 hour
    Published on 2002-08-30 by Eric Thiebaut went down for about 1 hour to upgrade to the latest version of RedHat, Apache, PHP...
You shouldn't notice any difference though...
 New public Beta version released!
    Published on 2002-06-18 by Eric Thiebaut
A new public beta version of FastCheck is available! Download it now! Eric
 New Beta version released!
    Published on 2002-06-09 by Eric Thiebaut
I just released a new version of FastCheck to a few testers... If everything goes well, there will be another public release next week! Eric
 New project: MozIMAP!
    Published on 2002-05-25 by Eric Thiebaut
Calling all programmers!
We want to help the Mozilla team make a really great IMAP client.
If you're interested in helping out see the new forum.
You will need C++ skills (or be prepared to learn) to get involved.
 FastCheck released!
    Published on 2002-05-19 by Eric Thiebaut
I have just released FastCheck! Please go to the download page and download your version today!
 Official release available soon!
    Published on 2002-05-17 by Eric Thiebaut
After one long month of beta testing, I will release FastCheck this WE, probably on Sunday night (GMT).
Please come back and monitor the forum and download pages!
 Second Beta version available!
    Published on 2002-04-18 by Eric Thiebaut
FastCheck Beta 2 has just been released! Check out the 'Versions' menu for the new features and bug fixes. Eric
 Beta officially launched!
    Published on 2002-04-11 by Eric Thiebaut
First beta version is officially launched. Please send an email to for more information on how to test it.
 Download available
    Published on 2002-04-08 by Eric Thiebaut
Check out the new Download menu and try FastCheck now!
 First Beta almost ready
    Published on 2002-04-02 by Eric Thiebaut
FastCheck beta 1 is almost out!

FastCheck Retired

After all these years it is time to retire FastCheck! The FastServices API that FastCheck uses under the hoods has been discontinued and it would be quite a bit of work to rewrite that part of the code.

I originally wrote FastCheck for myself, and contacted the FastMail team after a while to see if they would be interested in hosting an API needed to work over firewalls and proxies, which were very common at the time. I am not sure how many users actually used FastCheck in total (FC never "phones home"), but I'm pretty amazed that people were still using it over 14 years after the first version! A couple of years ago, there was a small update in the FastServices API and at first I was thinking about retiring FC back then, but a lot of users actually asked for an updated version, so I uploaded a new version. But this time a lot more work would be needed. And given that the Internet has evolved a lot since then and the good alternatives now (Gmail Notifier Pro...), I think it makes sense to retire FastCheck now :-(.

Thanks a lot to the FastMail (and ex-FastMail) team for their support and the FastServices API, and for the FastMail community in general and FastCheck users in particular for all your support, feature suggestions...

I still use FastMail as my main account (since they were in early Beta) and I enjoy it more and more each day :-).