Published on 2014-12-23
FastCheck version
 New Features:
    Tray icon tweaks
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed Windows XP support
    Published on 2014-12-10
FastCheck version
 New Features:
    Support for
    Added brand new shiny icons
    Changed branding to FastMail from FastMail.FM
    Published on 2012-01-15
FastCheck version
 New Features:
    Implemented the new FastMail.FM security API
    Published on 2010-12-13
FastCheck version
 New Features:
    Chose the new, beta or old Web UI
    Published on 2010-05-02
FastCheck version
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed crash on 16-bit displays
    Published on 2009-11-28
FastCheck version
 Bug Fixes:
    Faster background painting in FC main window
    Fixed resizing GUI glitches
    Suspend Checking: with flashing icon, suspended icon disappears
    Now centering about window
    Fixed a couple of leaks when running with a CLI option
    SMS screen: the recipient selector used to be picking up land lines in the Work Phone
    field as well as mobiles from the Mobile Phone field
    Fixed wrong folder/compose URL bug
    Fixed imap logging thread safety
    Fixed menu shortcuts
    Fixed empty message subject bug (Subject header in small case)
    Fixed IMAP SSL timeout management
    Greatly improved sync speed when IMAP is enabled
    Switched SSL to TLS
    When detecting proxy, sometimes both radio buttons get selected.
    Fixed leak in internal library
    Ack'ed unread emails are not downloaded any longer on first poll
    Fixed control sizes in option boxes to accomodate different font sizes on Linux
    Fixed script engine detection for Active Perl Scripting
    Implemented correct GSM/Unicode character counting in SMS window
 New Features:
    Basic themes
    Added connection checked dialog
    Added CLI option to send SMS
    Type-ahead and async loading of SMS user names & phones
    Ctrl+return and alt+return sends the SMS
    SMS window remembers last successful recipient
    Poshed-up about box
    Tray popup account menus: add icons
    Implemented basic account/folder content on Linux (no scripting)
    Added icons to tray popup
    Implementing cancellation
    Added SMS window
    When detecting proxy, provide additional information about instant notification when IMAP is enabled.
    New toolbar/theme/colors/icons
    Log window is now hidden by default
    Menu now has icons
    F1 now opens FastCheck's Wiki.
    Added Help/Help menu to open FastCheck's Wiki
    Added Window Opacity
    Added quick script change from tray popup menu
    Added layered (partially transparent) window setting
    Implemented Unicode support in FastCommand window
    Implemented Unicode support in SMS window
    For the quick script, add 'none' option
    Published on 2008-02-13
FastCheck version 1.0.14
 New Features:
    Made option page XP-themed
    Added FastCheck version to gsoap User Agent
    Added gSoap error number to error message
    Added seconds to FastCheck log
    Added memory optimisation
    Added support for Vista UAC
    Added basic support for Linux
 Bug Fixes:
    Default timeout is now 10 minutes
    Display a warning if user tries to lower the timeout to less than 5 minutes
    Fixed icon leak
    Fixed synchronisation issue when too many emails were unread
    Fixed freeze when resuming from standby
    Fixed FastCheck wiki URL
    Added session validity for cached URLs
    Fixed issue with folderId > 10000000
    Published on 2005-04-20
FastCheck version 1.0.10
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed bandwidth bug
    Published on 2005-04-05
FastCheck version 1.0.9
 New Features:
    Added 'export debug configuration' menu
 Bug Fixes:
    Removed obsolete m_bUseNewFastServicesAPI
    Fixed tray icon refresh problem
    Fixed 'configure network connection'
    Published on 2005-03-26
FastCheck version 1.0.8
 Bug Fixes:
    Added back blinking icon on new email
    Published on 2005-03-20
FastCheck version 1.0.7
 New Features:
    After Quick Config, display a message box to tell the user they have more config options
 Bug Fixes:
    When trying to get a folder/compose URL and it is not cached, try to create it
    When opening a link explicitely, use the default browser and not the email app, as it could be outlook!
    Published on 2005-03-13
FastCheck version 1.0.6
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed ComposeNewMail crash
    Published on 2005-02-21
FastCheck version 1.0.5
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed some unicode and codepage-related bugs
    Published on 2005-02-19
FastCheck version 1.0.4
 Bug Fixes:
    It is now possible to force a Poll during the startup delay
    Now playing the sound before displaying the newmail popup notification
    Fixed autosize to make sure the window doesn't get bigger than the screen
    Fixed display bug when listview item is too high (>255 pixels)
    Fixed infinite loop in default custom script
    Published on 2005-02-13
FastCheck version 1.0.3
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed more thread safety issues
    Published on 2005-01-30
FastCheck version 1.0.2
 Bug Fixes:
    Highly improved timeout management
    Fixed deadlocks
    Published on 2005-01-26
FastCheck version 1.0.1
 New Features:
    Re-introduced notification window
    Added character counter to FastCommand parameter edit
    Word-wrap FastCommand parameter window edit
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed memory leaks
    Replaced custom script combo by edit text
    Now hiding the 'Strings' tab in the FastCommand window when there's only 1 tab
    Published on 2004-12-31
FastCheck version 1.0!
 New Features:
    Added a few once-off tooltip message boxes
    Now properly handling resume from StandBy
    Fixed non-always-on-top show/activate problem
    Added a few once-off tooltip message boxes
    Published on 2004-11-25
Last beta before the real one?
 New Features:
    Move server scripts to mod_perl & implement session support
    No more time bomb
    It is now possible to use the default system browser
    It is possible to right-click on accounts/folders to ack/open
    *way* faster sync both with FastServices and IMAP
    Now fully using the new FastServices API. No more 'server returned an empty message'...
    Implemented FastServices on https
    Not displaying password in password window any longer (because of password grabbers)
    New option to start FastCheck in 'safe' mode (resets the config) by pressing shift at startup
    Added option to remove FastCheck icon from taskbar
    Implemented config import/export from/to .ini files
    On Startup, read config from FCAuto.ini in the current directory if it exists.
    Implemented Pack And Go (save FastCheck.exe and FCAuto.ini to a folder)
    Added a standard 'custom' script in the resources
    Added 'quick configure' for first installation (it will get 99% of people going in 1 simple message box with 2 edit controls!)
    When right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting Compose, FastMail now opens using https if configured
    No more notification window. The main FC window is now a rich (RTF or HTML) tree control
    Added option to enable/disable HTML
    Added script preview to custom script open dialog
    Only ack messages of current folder/account when double-clicking on a folder/account
    Added a "launch Fastcheck now" message box at the end of the installation
    Added Startup shorcut management in Startup options
    Added checkbox to configure and use the FastMail.FM Beta server
    Added 'FastCommand' with type-ahead (on XP) for FastCommand ComboBox
    Added CFastCheckLib::Beep
    Added CFastCheckLib::PlayAndWait
    Implemented smart automatic resize
    Double-clicking on the tree backgound switches from/to tiny mode
    Moving the main window is possible by clicking on the tree background
    Possibility to not display the FC window when a DirectX window is full screen
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed network detection and validation
    Fixed compose mailto: (now properly setting TO: in FastMail compose window)
    Fixed FastCheck process staying in memory after closing
    Fixed icon refresh bug when using Fast User Switching
    Fixed expired session bugs
    Compose now calls the selected browser
    Published on 2004-02-25
Twentieth Beta Version
 New Features:
    Added FastMail.Fm FAQ, wiki, blog & forum shortcuts
    Now using FastServices for FastMail URL generation
    Added a function to play custom sounds to script namespace
    Added Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab in Options dialog box to switch between tabs
    Added a system-wide shortcut key to display the FastCheck popup menu
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed the fact that FastCheck would start in Tiny mode the first time it's started
    Fixed a crash in the Soap layer
    Fixed the frozen scrollbar bug
    Fixed the folder tree background image glitches
    It is now possible to compose an email without setting as default email account
    Published on 2004-01-29
Nineteenth Beta Version
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed folder synchronisation
    Published on 2003-09-01
Fifteen Beta Version - Release Candidate 8
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed bug when Ok'ing the options dialog box
    Fixed FastMail IP addresses
    Published on 2002-11-12
Fourteenth Beta Version - Release Candidate 7
 Bug Fixes:
    Mouse Idle Hook is now an option
    Now saving window position when Windows terminates
    Fixed 'compose' URL
    Fixed bug when updating XP's unread message count
    Fixed bug in IMAP synchronisation: 'EXPUNGE' notifications caused crashes
 New Features:
    New FastServices dialog box with choice of http library (internal/WinInet)
    Now FastCheck detects when RAS gets connected and checks immediatly
    Published on 2002-10-20
Thirteenth Beta Version - Release Candidate 6
 New Features:
    Implemented Idle mode (FC becomes idle when the screen saver is active)
    When in Tiny mode, clicking on a non-node of the tree enables to move the FC window
    Added '' option to tray menu
    Implemented mailto: support (try it from your account detail dialog box)
    New 'compose a new email' option which jumps to FastMail's compose window
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed case sensitivity in username
    Fixed Windows 95/98 display in the option dialog box (sometimes, the blue band wouldn't display properly)
    Published on 2002-08-31
Eleventh Beta Version - Release Candidate 4
 Bug Fixes:
    'end-points out of sync' problem
    Folder listbox shows in white
    FastCheck crashes on startup when PAC file was not accessible
    Folders under Inbox don't work
    Different set of icons (16 & 256 colours) depending on Windows version
 New Features:
    FastCheck main icon a bit nicer
    Extra properties for custom scripts
    FastMail.FM multi-server support
    Published on 2002-06-18
Tenth Beta Version - Release Candidate 3
 New Features:
    Implement NTLM authentication
    Update XP 'unread emails' counter
    Write Installation script or executable
    Password is stored un-encrypted in the registry
    Add an options to ask for password again before opening mail application
    Messages should be indexed by UIDs instead of message-id
    FastCheck has now new icons
 Bug Fixes:
    Folders with a space don't work properly
    Better support from not-always-on connections
    Different tray icon when checking is suspended
    Remember 'suspend checking' across sessions
    FastCheck play the sound each time it polls, and not each time a new mail arrives
    FastCheck depends on oleacc.dll.
    Published on 2002-05-16
Ninth Beta Version - Release Candidate 2
 New Features:
    Implement context help
 Bug Fixes:
    Sometimes, FastCheck opens FastMail.FM on the wrong folder
    Published on 2002-05-12
Eight Beta Version - Release Candidate 1
 New Features:
    When double clicking on a folder in the main tree view, open the FastMail.FM folder
    Directly go to the proper FastMail.FM folder when running email
    Update folder perl script to download folder id
    'Minimise on close' should be configurable
    It should be possible to start FastMail with or without SSL
 Bug Fixes:
    Open Dialog Boxes as child of Desktop if FastCheck window is not visible
    Replace Ok/Cancel by Close in Accounts dialog box
    Published on 2002-05-04
Sixth Beta Version
 New Features:
    Put icon when custom script raises an error
    Write documentation
    There should be a way not to store passwords in the registry or INI files
 Bug Fixes:
    When no accounts, disable 'Edit' button
    Option window is too tall
    When no coolbar, on 2000, resizing window doesn't resize toolbar
    FastCheck sometimes take 100% of the CPU when starting on a new config
    When password has been changed, but esc pressed, don't update folder list
    Don't take into account ack'ed messages when setting tree item colors
    When new configuration and creating account, crash on download folder list
    Bug due to removing the unread message count: ack'ed messages are counted!
    Sometimes, ack'ed messages are not remembered across sessions
    Published on 2002-05-01
Fifth Beta Version
 Bug Fixes:
    Poll interval should be limited to 9999 minutes
    When an error happens, ack'ed mails are un-ack'ed
    Sometimes, pressing 'FastMail.FM' doesn't show/activate FastMail's window
    When explorer.exe dies and is re-created, the tray icon doesn't appear any longer
 New Features:
    When receiving Error 302 from a perl script, display a warning to say that fastmail is down
    Save ack'ed messages across sessions
    Display folders using different colours depending on whether they have unread messages or not
    Main window should be resizable
    Published on 2002-04-28
Fourth Beta Version
 New Features:
    Implement pipelined check
    Add more IMAP traces
 Bug Fixes:
    Sometimes FastCheck falsely identifies a wrong window as its previous instance
    When Mozilla is configured for Quick Launch, FastCheck cannot find the windows it creates
    When closing FastCheck when it is checking for new mails, its process stays in memory
    When using direct connection, folders with a space (e.g. 'Sent Items') don't work
    When a folder has several sub-folders, only the first one is properly display as a child
    Sub folders are displayed with their parent's name prepended in the 'Account' dialog box
    It is possible to run several instances of FastCheck
    Published on 2002-04-26
Third Beta Version
 New Features:
    Implemented SSL communication for direct connection
    Folders are now downloaded from FastMail.FM and don't have to be configured by hand any longer
 Bug Fixes:
    Auto-truncate log window when it gets too big
    Fixed bug when using IMAP over SSL
    Published on 2002-04-18
Second Beta Version
 New Features:
    Added support for proxies requiring authentication
    Added Support for FastMail.FM shared folders
    It is now possible to save the configuration details in a .ini file
    Added Runtime option: FastCheck /ini:config.ini to load/save configuration in a .ini file
    'Mail protocol module' code reorganisation will enable direct connection and immediate notification
    Implement international charsets
    Added display of number of Ack'ed messages per folder
    Added time to log
    Implemented minimize on close
    Added Ack button in toolbar. Remove Proxy button
    Tray icon tool tip now displays the number of unread & ack'ed messages
 Bug Fixes:
    Fixed typelib not found bug ('custom script' now works)
    Now Update display and tray tip in one place, so that it's consistent after using 'acknowledge'
    Fixed disappearing button bug in New Mail dialog
    Fixed changing size bug in New Mail dialog
    Separated username/password and folder list in the account window
    Updated PAC library for some PAC servers
    'Track application' now works with Mozilla (and should work with all browsers)
    Fixed button truncation bug when using large fonts
    Renamed 'Change' button to 'Edit' in 'Accounts' dialog box
    Published on 2002-04-02
First Beta version
    Published on 0000-00-00
Twelfth Beta Version - Release Candidate 5
 New Features:
    New HTTP layer which uses your default internet settings
    New reorganised XP-like configuration dialogs
    New FastMail.FM IMAP proxy connection, for those who have a 'light' firewall
    Configuration wizard first time you run FastCheck
    Old tray bar icons are back and can be selected in the options
    New 'tiny' mode
    The main tree control has a background
    FastCheck Window size & position saved across sessions
    'always on top' feature (cool with the tiny mode)
 Bug Fixes:
    Misc bug fixes